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Soularis is a 3D audio sequencer I built in Max Msp with OpenGL. It has a theme based on the solar system. You control it with a playstation controller. By placing different planets in the 3D environment you can create melodies, rhythms and chords. In the center of the solar system is the sun. It gives a pulse on a certain time interval. When the pulse reaches a planet it will play its sound.

I started this project with the objective to create soundscapes in a live performing situation. At this point the project is still not finished and can still use a lot of work. Plans for the future are to release the project as an open-source program. It would be great if other audio designers made there own “planet”-sounds for the software. A multiplayer version of this game is also on my to-do list.

This video gives a impression of what the audio system can do.