• 2023 may 18 & 19: Fragments, at Maaiveld at Nettenfabriek, Apeldoorn NL


Fragments is an audiovisual installation made in collaboration with visual artist Saskia Freeke. The installation combines creative coding, algorithmic music and imagery. The work invites the visitors to reflect on transparency of technology and the openness of software, allowing us to adapt systems for creative expression. The installation is presented as fragmented screens displaying live generated geometric visuals with Hydra as well as the source code. The music is live generated with Mercury, and together both are created with open web technologies. On the display the visitor can also read parts of the TOPLAP live coding manifesto with sentences like:

  • “Give us access to the performer’s mind, to the whole human instrument.”
  • “Algorithms are thoughts, not tools.”
  • “Obscurantism is dangerous. Show us your screens.”
  • “Programs are instruments that can change themselves”
  • “Code should be seen as well as heard, underlying algorithms viewed as well as their visual outcome.”

Fragments was commissioned by Festival Maaiveld