circle of times


Time is the subject in this realtime algorithmic audiovisual composition. Various interpretations of time are explored. The mathematical structure somewhat resembles a giant mechanical clock. It makes you feel small and rethink the big influence that time has in our lives. The structure feels threatening, as if eventually it might take over…


The 24-hour clock is the backbone of the composition, of which the total amount of seconds passed are used to trigger events. When using the length of days and years of the planets in our solar-system in ratio to earth, and scaling those ratios back to a shorter period of time (1 earth-day equals 1 minute), a rhythmic pattern emerges. This pattern triggers the events that drive the mathematical structure that somewhat resembles a giant clock. When an event is triggered, the current second is used to draw lines inside a circle. These lines are based on the times-tables. Multiply every point in the circle with that current second, then draw a line from the starting point to the point that corresponds with the answer. The sounddesign is build with a large amount of resonators that are either driven with noise, an impulse, or sawtooth and rectangle waveforms.

Programmed with Max/MSP, using Jitter, OpenGL and Javascript.