This realtime generative work is inspired by plants, trees and other photosynthetic organisms found on earth. Nature is continuously growing, changing and adapting. Cleaning the air while absorbing sunlight to grow and give back oxygen allowing us to live. This installation attempts to capture the complex growing and evolving beauty of nature in a digital domain by using mathematics, particle systems, vectorfields and various types of procedural generated noise. The projection shows us that, without human intervention, nature would overgrow and take over.

c55h72mgn4o5 is a specific form of chlorophyll used in oxygenic photosynthesis. It absorbs most energy from wavelengths of violet-blue and orange-red light and contributes to the observed green color in most plants. Photosynthesis is a biochemical reaction where plants and trees use light energy to convert CO2 and water into oxygen and sugar that can later be released to fuel the organisms’ activities.